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Tisco Financial Group

Bangkok, Thailand

 Tisco Financial Group offers fully financial services in Thailand.

Tisco Financial Group needs to provide essential training to its employment nationwide. This includes operational training on how to use the company’s systems and follow the correct processes, but also important compliance training on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism measures.

The Challenge

Tisco Financial Group believes it is important that their employees take responsibility and control of their own development. One of the tools to stimulate this is a personal development budget can be used for personal development, professional knowledge and career opportunities.

Tisco Financial Group was struggling to deliver effective, flexible and scalable learning to a group of 11 sub-companies on many cluster of financial services.

As such, Tisco Financial Group’s key requirements for its new e-learning platform were:

The ability to offer the same training to all employees of 11 financial arms simultaneously.

A single platform offering e-learning in all difference regional requirements.

A flexible model that would deliver robust and scalable via e-learning system.

Seriously compliance training on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism measures.

Create a user-friendly and inspirational portal where employees can easily find and access a wide range of courses.

The Solution: Tailored to each learner

LR worked with Tisco Financial Group to create the TotaraLearn system by user base. The new learning platform is focused on delivering a learner-oriented experience, balance necessary physical learning and eLearning with excellent learning completion record.

Employees can view their status, requests for training activities, or reserve their own.

Managers can monitor training status and usage of their direct reports’ personal development budget

Manager approval and be able to drill down in depth learning completion report.

Additional custom coding gave Tisco Financial Group the control they needed over HR imports and integrations with web services.

Totara Learn is also suitable for Tisco Financial Group’s needs because it enables them to manage their face-to-face training in much complex way as old LMS system. This, combined with the e-learning courses they upload to the LMS, means they can deliver a blended learning experience through a single platform. The e-learning covers topics such as compliance for the highly regulated banking industry, banking products, internal guidelines and onboarding training for new employees.

The solution include hierarchies and dynamic audiences to ensure the right people get the right learning, and learning plans to ensure everyone progresses along the most suitable learning path. They also developed for them custom reports, which wasn`t possible to create using standard Report builder, to ensure that managers and learning administrators have access to all the information they need.

Flexible and cost-effective training

Totara’s easy-to-use platform and affordable licensing gives the flexibility needed to push new e-learning to all employees simultaneously. That means Tisco Financial Group is able to save money while also better mitigating the risks of non-compliance with, for example, a new financial services directive.

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. produces full line of automotive products to serve the best to our valued customer; through “Drive your Ambition”.

The Challenge

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. needed a solution for managing online learning for her dealership people in a wide range of blended learning for various roles such as sales, service advisors, service technicians and management.

In addition, she needed a system that could deliver timely, sophisticated reporting to help her measure the impact that learning and development has on her business.

The Solution

Totara Learn provided a solution that covers not only authoring and learning management, but learning plans to help each dealer organization develop and meet their objectives for example, technicians now can view the requirements and their development related to their role. Managers are in control and can track the progress of their team.

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