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1. Be the best always

2. Client Focus, high flexibility to client changing needs

3. Edge of Learning Technology Experiences

4. Social & Biz mixed perspective

5. Value/Price working thought

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    comprehensive specific skills required to be performed on a job, focuses on how well the employee is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards - detecting by our competency assessment and enhance application through our competency development consultancy service.
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    LR's blended high-impact customized learning solutions which well designed according to your high priority needs will help your employees to immediately begin applying what they learn to their job responsibilities and increase overall organization business performance.
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    Learning Game is a fun and highly effective hands-on game that's perfect for introducing and reinforcing dedicated skills. That is a great way to creating a supportive similar to real work environment through well designed business learning game.


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  1. What is the main objective of Reproducible Programs (RLP)?
    1. Tools to create learning culture in your organization
    2. Develop knowledge sharing and experienced transfer from Senior to Junior employees
    3. Develop for professional and operation levels and at the end can retain those people
  2. Why RLP?
    1. Cost efficient modules
    2. Covers many topics that can be linked to your competencies and training plan
    3. Covers many people in your organization
  3. Can we have in Thai language?
    1. Yes, per module there will be extra cost THB 20,000
    2. Optional, you can do it by yourself
  4. Is it enough for ½ day training guideline for a several modules?
    1. We are giving the guidance to run the program. And all facilitating guides have the same structures so once you master reading one module, then you know how to run other modules
    2. You can have additional customize ‘train – the – trainer” with additional investment
  5. How to make sure that the trainer can understand and run it?
    1. Select the trainers who has the day to day experience of the skill
    2. The modules will help the trainers to deliver the content and relate to their day to day experience
  6. How the trainer can answer the question from the participants?
    1. Select experience trainer who can be also line manager
  7. Is the modules updated one?
    1. All the modules are updated
    2. However, the skills are universal and the logic base from time to time
  8. Ask for the reference?
    1. RLP has been used mostly in USA and other countries. We can give you names of clients if you wish.
  9. Do we use for public program?
    1. No, this is only for corporate clients use.
  10. No internal trainer
    1. The line manager can be trained as a trainer. In fact this will help the line manager to be respected by their subordinates. This can also motivate the line manager to walk the talk.
  11. No budget
    1. Do you have any plan to develop your employees? This is the ultimate tools that suited both your organization and your employees.
    2. Can I give you cost effectiveness solution for your people development plan?
  12. We don’t care about this tool
    1. When can I see you to discuss your people development program?
  13. I need time to discuss internally
    1. Can I give you checklist to ensure the program can be used effectively?
    2. When can I come back for final discussion or should I present to other person?
  14. We are busy with survey and performance review
    1. Can I give you a presentation on the follow up of your survey and performance review?

Path of Learning Academy Development






Align with training Plan and competencies

  • Hold FGD meeting to align competencies and modules
  • Develop training plan or learning academy

LRT and Clients


Assess the trainer

  • Trainer candidates will be evaluated using presentation checklist from LRT

LRT and Clients


Identify the participants

  • Collect the data from Individual Learning Plan



Making schedule

  • Create learning schedule throughout the year



Evaluation of training

  • Make the evaluation system for the modules using Kirkpatrick’s system
  • Evaluate the training and report to the management

LRT and Clients



Additional Option

Facilitation Skill Program for 2 days max 10 participants

Objective : Train the internal trainer


  1. Create your learning culture and fulfil your people development plan
  2. Develop middle managers to be facilitator/coach/trainer/mentor. In fact this will help them to be respected by their subordinates and at the end can retain those people
  3. Develop your professional officers through their managers to achieve competitive edge and team effectiveness
  4. Cost effectiveness learning & development solution for your people development plan
  5. Covers many topics that can be linked to your competencies and training plan
  6. Covers almost your value people wherever they are in Thailand
  7. We are giving the guidance to run the program to make sure that your trainers can understand and run it
  8. Trainer candidates will be evaluated using presentation checklist from LR
  9. Make the evaluation system for the modules using Kirkpatrick’s system
  10. Evaluate the training and report to the management

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